Emerald Air
web application

Client Michał Gorgoń
Business branch Healthcare, IoT
Country Poland
Engagement model Time & Materials
Subject matter Healthcare and air quality

The Challenge

Honest information about air quality has become very valuable recently. It’s very important what the air we breathe, both indoors and outdoors, consists of. We spend almost 90% of our lifetime inside buildings. If we were able to check if there were some allergens, chemical pollution or microorganisms in the air around us, we could take some precautions and avoid the negative effects of breathing polluted air.

The Solution

The Emerald Air device was gathering data and sending it to a mobile app interface via Bluetooth. The air quality analyses showed data only from the last 24 hours. Emerald Web application is enabling to connect an unlimited number of devices to the users network through WiFi. The system will automatically analyse and save the data about air humidity, pressure, temperature and chemical pollutants. It will also send the alert if some important indicators will be outside of the configured range and tell what to do to improve the air quality.

2000 active users
45 WD Timeline

"Fantastic cooperation, support, communication and high quality product. Pure professionalism."

Michał Gorgoń,
CEO, Emerald Air

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