How do we work?

Your business needs are the most important thing for us. We know you’d like to observe how is your project is developing and be sure it meets your needs.



We learn our client needs through precise and careful analysis. Deep understanding of your business needs is the key to success. It very often happens that a good solution for your project is very different from your first vision. We are going to do everything to understand your requirements. We will prepare the project specification and timetable.



We know very well that even the greatest code won’t generate any value without decent graphic design. You need a simple and enjoyable system to engage your users. An intuitive interface is an inherent part of our project. All our ideas will be presented to you by the UXPin mockups, just to ensure that the delivered product is going to meet your expectations.



We document our work carefully, so the client can take control over the project at every stage of development. Every week you will receive a work progress update. At least once a month you will see a working prototype of the product, so you will be able to assess the delivered quality. There are many issues that can’t be planned up front but we won’t make any significant decision without your permission.



The testers team attentively cheks if everything is working well. A ‘ready to deliver’ product is always triple checked. We will never hesitate to involve you in this part of the project development if you have some time to click. We don’t wait until the end of the project to ensure that everything is working flawlessly – we control our job quality all the time.



An application is created to improve very specific processes related to your company and to deliver tools that will be easy for their users, very often your clients. We provide maintenance for web and mobile applications and their further development on the basis of an SLA agreement.


IT Outsourcing

Fulfilling IT tasks on your own can be a very tough issue. Committing the job to us is a chance to dispose of many duties. At the same time, you are gaining solid and efficient support, so you have more time to spend on tasks directly related to your business.


We are using agile methodologies in our working process. We usually rely on one of the most efficient and risk-reducing methods called Scrum. To summarise, it’s all about:

  • 1

    Short Iterations

    We are planning the tasks in 1-2 week long cycles called Sprints. Each sprint is finished by delivering a new working version of the product. During the daily meetups, our team is dividing tasks, sharing knowledge and presenting the solutions.

  • 2

    Dynamic development

    After every sprint, at least once a month, we are delivering to you a working prototype of the software for your acceptance. Then we decide on what elements should be upgraded or added to the next product version.

  • 3

    Opened for changes

    Intensive communication and controlling the results will let you be flexible for changes. Your product will be customised for the real needs of your business. Changes are a natural part of the development process. Many issues can’t be planned up front. We want to be sure, that you are going to receive the product you truly need.


We work in the newest, most reliable technologies and frameworks.

angularjs.svg Angular.JS
bootstrap.svg Bootstrap
bower.svg Bower
css3.svg CSS3
gulp.svg Gulp
html5.svg HTML5
javascript.svg Javascript
jquery.svg jQuery
knockout.svg Knockout.JS
less.svg Less
npm.svg NPM
sass.svg Sass
checkstyle.svg Checkstyle
glassfish.svg Glassfish
gradle.svg Gradle
gwt.svg GWT
hibernate.svg Hibernate
jsf.svg JSF
liquidbase.svg Liquidbase
maven.svg Maven
primefaces.svg Primefaces
sonarqube.svg Sonarqube
spring.svg Spring
tomcat.svg Tomcat
asp_dot_net.svg ASP.NET
asp_net_mvc.svg ASP.MVC
asp_net_webAPI.svg ASP.NET WebAPI
azure.svg Azure
mssql.svg MSSQL
composer.svg Composer
doctrine.svg Doctrine 2
php.svg PHP
phpmyadmin.svg PHPMyAdmin
symfony.svg Symfony
twig.png Twig
wordpress.svg Wordpress
google-datastore.png Google Datastore
google-protocol-buffers.png Google Protocol Buffers
jinja2.png Jinja2
mako.png Mako
pandas.png Pandas
scipy.png Scipy
sqlalchemy.png SQL Alchemy
tornado.svg Tornado